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Botox injection


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☆Non-surgical Procedure
☆For a happy appearance using Botox

Resting frown and downward sloping of the mouth corners are visible signs of aging.
Botox injections to the corners of the mouth lifts up the area for a brighter and happier appearance.

4 units

For beautiful cheeks, jaw, neck

Botox injection to the muscle to pull down the chin and lift the jawline.

Botox Treatment Flow

Counseling with our Doctor
Please remove makeup on the area that will be treated.
Optional: Application of topical anesthesia on the are area (about 30 minutes)
Botox injection
Cooling of treated area

After treatment, makeup cannot be applied on the treated area but can be done on the next day.

What is Botox

Botox injection .
Botox was originally developed for the treatment of blepharospasm and strabismus. Ever since it was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1989,it has been used safely for the treatment of wrinkles, hyperhidrosis of armpit and hands, and stiffness of shoulders.

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Black part is a sweat part.
Sweat decreases remarkably.


How it works
Botox blocks release of the acetylcholine transmitter.It temporarily paralyzes the muscle of the affected area and makes wrinkles less visible.

What can be treated
・Frown lines ・bunny's line ・popply chin ・Crow's Feet
・smoker's line ・hypertrophi mandibular angle ・Forehead line ・gummy smile

・armpit ・hand


What to expect after the procedure
Botox will start active in the treated area in 3 to 4 days.

Do not apply a makeup on the treated area on the day of the proce dure. You can wear a regular makeup from the next day.
Do not massage or scrub the treated area when you wash your face.
Do not drink alcohol, take a bath, exercise, or take aspirin on the treated area.
Protect the treated area from the sun because the exposure to the sunlight may cause darkening of the spot. The needle mark will disappear within a few days.
Swelling around eyes, ptosis of eyebrow, or sagging of upper eyelids may occure when Botox is injection on the forehead or glabellar line. The severily of these symptoms depends on individuals, but the symptoms normally disappear within a week to a month.
When you take the Botox injection for the treatment of hidrosis of armpit, sweating from the treated area will decrease, but there will be no reduction in odor.
In some cases, the treatment would lose its effectiveness after the second shot due to building of the antibody against Botox.
Avoid pregnancy for a few months following the Botox injection.

If you are women, avoid pregnancy until the end of the 2nd period after the procedure.

If you are men, take a birth control measure for 3 months after the procedure.

please come to our clinic for a follow up 2 weeks after the Botox injection.

Who cannot take the Botox injection
You cannot take the Botox injection

If you are pregnant or nursing
If you suffered from the botulinus related food poisoning
If you are minor

please inform our staff if you are presently taking the following medications; antibiotics, minor tranquilizer, antidepressant, and anticholine drug.

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