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Cog Lift

Special lift procedure without surgery featured threads to prevent swelling

Cog Lift (4 threads)
Regular price JPY240,000
Now only JPY 160,000
JPY 40,000 per thread 33%OFF
Cog Lift (6 threads)
Regular price JPY360,000
Now only JPY 210,000
JPY 35,000 per thread 42%OFF
Cog Lift (8 threads)
Regular price JPY480,000
Now only JPY 240,000
JPY 30,000 per thread 50%OFF
Cog Lift (10 threads)
Regular price JPY600,000
Now only JPY 250,000
JPY 25,000 per thread 58%OFF

Our Cog lift are offering the best market price!

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